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Our Products

Our Products

Our healthy, delicious, all-natural fish and seafood comes from the premier fishing areas of the world. Fresh-caught seafood is blast frozen at sea to preserve its delicate flavor, then portion-packaged to preserve it for your seafood feast. The only way you could get it to taste this fresh is if you were on the boat when they caught it.

  • Orange Roughy Fillets: Our most popular whitefish. These all-natural fillets are very flavorful, and a wonderful entrée for 'healthy' eaters. They are delicious broiled, baked, grilled or microwaved!
  • Alaskan Snow Cod Fillets: Simply bake these delicious boneless white fish fillets for a light meal!
  • Halibut Loin Steaks: These steaks are cut from the loin of the hailbut to ensure rich flavor and tenderness. High in protein with a tender white flesh. Broil, bake or pan-fry!
  • Yellowfin Tuna Steaks: Luscious taste and an excellent source of protein. Season them lightly and grill, bake or broil. Can also be sautéed or poached..
  • Mahi-Mahi Steaks: One of the top 10 best-eating fish in the United States. Perfect for the indoor or outdoor grill.
  • Sea Scallops: These gems of the sea are a great treat for seafood night at home. They can be broiled, stir-fried, baked or microwaved.
  • Norwegian Atlantic Salmon Fillets: These delicious skinless fillets can be baked, grilled or poached. A delightful, dinner.
  • Gourmet Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp: They're perfectly cooked, already peeled and deveined so all you do is thaw them under cold water to serve with your favorite cocktail sauce. Also great sautéed.
  • Catfish Fillets: Delicious, farm-raised catfish that are ready to bake or, if you prefer, they're wonderful battered and fried.
  • Walleye Pike Fillets: From the Canadian north woods this is one of the best tasting fresh-water fish you've ever eaten. Can be baked or grilled, but they're absolutely WONDERFUL when dipped in eggwash, crumbs and fried.