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What is A la Carte®?

A la Carte® is a professional, direct-to-home foodservice developed after years of research by America's most experienced shop-at-home food company, Guaranteed Foods, Inc.

A la Carte® meets the demands of today's lifestyles in two important ways. First, we help our customers eliminate hours of food shopping time and many needless dine-out/take-out meals. Perhaps more important, we are an exclusive, home-delivered source of nutritious, ALL-NATURAL meats, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables.

At A la Carte®, families of all sizes save both time and money on their total food bill -- without sacrificing quality or nutrition!

Does A la Carte® have retail stores?

No. We do not sell to, through or from retail stores; we don't sell from the back of a truck, either. Instead, from our specialized distribution center in Kansas City, we deliver (by appointment) DIRECTLY to homes throughout our Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska delivery area. That means our delicious products don't sit around for days in retail display cases or ride around for weeks on a truck. Our customers receive the freshest, healthiest, most nutritious products available.

What if I don't like something I order?

We back every food product with our exclusive Hassle-Free Guarantee®. It's a no-questions-asked guarantee, so you know our food HAS to be the very best that's available.

What's different about A la Carte®'s meat and poultry?

Many things! First, because we deliver to several states (and ship across America), all the processing of our fresh-cut beef, pork and poultry products is overseen and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) during each step of the process. That's much different from the sporadic inspections of supermarkets by local jurisdictions.

In addition, our famous steaks are cut from government-graded USDA CHOICE or PRIME Midwestern beef that's been slowly and naturally aged to enhance flavor and tenderness. Unlike many retailers, we don't sell ungraded beef and give it an expensive-sounding name. You won't find “patio” steaks or “charcoal” steaks or “barbecue” steaks here. Instead, you'll enjoy the succulent flavor of genuine ALL-NATURAL beef in every steak.

Our ground beef is the VERY best -- 100% pure, lean, grain-fed American beef with no pork, poultry, water, coloring or filler added! In fact, our fresh-cut, ready-to-cook beef, pork, poultry and seafood are ALL-NATURAL! They contain NO chemical additives of any kind: no preservatives, no coloring, no water, no tenderizer, no artificial flavoring.

What's different about A la Carte®'s food packaging?

All our ready-to-cook beef, pork, poultry and seafood is individual-portion packaged in transparent, biodegradable Bi-Vac® packaging. This offers many benefits. It helps to preserve the quality of each delicious product. It lets you see the entire product -- not just the best side. It makes it easy to use just one steak, chicken breast or pork chop at a time without having to thaw an entire package. It also eliminates any freezer burn to ensure long shelf life and great taste. And it virtually eliminates food waste from open packages that eventually get thrown away.

Do I have to join a club or purchase anything besides food?

No. You don't need to purchase a freezer, membership, service agreement, household appliance or anything else from us to enjoy A la Carte® food and service. What's more, instead of having to pay cash in advance (or use a credit or debit card like you do at a store), at A la Carte® you can use your good credit and be billed each 30 days -- starting 30 days after delivery.

How much does it cost?

The amount a family spends with us is entirely up to them and, of course, depends to a great extent on the size of the family and the types of foods they purchase. Most customers simply switch a minor part of their existing food dollar to us (instead of continuing to spend it all at supermarkets, restaurants and other food outlets). Besides saving the cost of gasoline spent on shopping trips or waiting in fast-food lanes, they also avoid crowded parking lots, tiring checkout lines, picked-over selections and shopping hassles! We're a WHOLE NEW OPTION!

Will I save money?

If stretching food dollars is important to you, A la Carte® provides several easy ways to help you do just that. Although our all-natural food is not priced lower than supermarkets and other retail food outlets, our customers can decrease their total food bill in at least three important ways -- without sacrificing quality, nutrition or valuable time:

  1. Curtail costly impulse buying! Since they don’t make as many trips to the grocery store, our customers greatly reduce impulse purchases.
  2. Spend less eating out! With plenty of nutritious, easy-to-fix meals at their fingertips, our customers don’t resort to ordering takeout or pizza delivery.
  3. Eliminate expensive food waste! Our portion-control packaging helps you cook only as many servings as you need, reducing money wasted on “freezer-burned” food, discarded leftovers or meats and seafood that have “gone bad.”

How can I learn more about A la Carte® for my family?

For more information about our customized home foodservice and to request free samples of our products, email or call us. There’s no obligation of any kind. We tailor our service for each family's needs, so in a few minutes you'll be able to decide whether A la Carte® service makes sense for you -- as it already does for thousands of families!