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Our Newest Customers


What our newest customers say about us:

"We've had the beef, chicken and stir fry veggies already. They all have been high quality, lean and very tasty."

- Alesia D. (Family of 7) Galva, KS

"Everything has been delicious. Even better than I thought it would be."

- Julie H. (Family of 5) Festus, MO

"It really opened my eyes to what I've been eating all these years. I really didn't know food quality could be this amazing! I love cooking new meals and experimenting with different cuisines and I was afraid this program would get in the way but it doesn't. I can still cook different dishes if I feel the urge too, but I absolutely appreciate how ridiculously fast dinner comes together when I'm exhausted. We have already saved so much money because we haven't eaten out in 3 weeks! Thank you for your dedication to quality and customer service. I truly wish more companies cared as much as you do about their consumers."

- Laura L. (Family of 3) Warrensburg, MO

"Our family has already started seeing the benefits of having less stress around meal times & the need for less trips to the store."

- Kim L. (Family of 4) Kearney, MO

"The All-Natural chicken breasts are fantastic. Some of the best tasting and less fat chicken breast I’ve ever had. So far, we are extremely pleased with all our selections."

- Nicki R. (Family of 3) Kansas City, MO

"Fantistic! I have had Omaha Steaks and they are nothing compared to your quality! The shrimp were incredible!"

- Doug S. (family of 2) Overland Park, KS

"The overall service has been amazing. I was a plant and branch manager for many years in the soda business and I know how important customer service is and how important customers are. So far the service has been superb but then we tried the food and have been blown away with the quality and how great it tastes. Absolutely amazing."

- Kirby R. (family of 3) Manhattan, KS

"Our sales rep was super friendly and helpful! 100% satisfied. The delivery guy was more than amazing! Super helpful and very kind. The food, well it's amazing and we're super thankful this far!"

- Deven L. (Family of 2) Savannah, MO

"So, so thankful I found you all and have your service. Your entire team I've worked with has been wonderful! Great customer service, which is hard to find these days. I am referring you all to everyone I know!"

- Amber J. (Family of 4) Overland Park, KS

"Customer service was equal to Chick-fil-A if not better and that says A LOT. (Nothing is better than Chick-fil-A.) It is very quick and easy to make. I don’t have a ton of dishes. I can tweak each meal for everyone (if someone doesn’t like carrots, I can easily and quickly make them green beans)."

- Kayla B. (Family of 4) Springfield, MO

"I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have access to such good-quality food. It is so easy to come home and cook something quickly that is good for my family."

- Janee D. (Family of 6) Independence, MO

"Honestly, we have never eaten at home more. I can make a great meal in extremely little time and it tastes amazing."

- Laura H. (Family of 2) Warrensburg, MO

"We got our food today! I’m so excited, the organizational part of me is at ease! The packages have a QR code that has instructions, nutritional facts, and recipe ideas -- can’t find that at the grocery store! Thanks, Jeremiah and Guaranteed Foods."

- Brittany L. (Family of 3) Pleasant Hill, MO

"Our first order of Guaranteed Foods was delivered today! We are so excited to begin this journey! My favorite part is the quality customer service and the QR codes on the food items!"

- MacKenzie K. (Family of 2) Ozark, MO

"The driver was just perfect! I would love to have him again."

- Anna J. (Family of 6) Lawson, MO

"We just received our first delivery and we are so excited!!! The driver was amazing, walking thru all the products while setting up the food station. He even shared tips on meals and some of his favorites!"

- Suzie A. (Family of 3) Pleasant Hill, MO

"We are new customers and we just received our first delivery. The service was amazing! The driver was professional, very knowledgeable and gave great recipe ideas. We are more than excited to start cooking!"

- Ebony H. (Family of 5) Kansas City, MO

"Love that my dinners are already prepared and easy to make. I love that I have dinners for 5 months! Grocery shopping is so much easier."

- Chanda M. (Family of 6) Kearney, MO

"We are very new to the program and have only had a few meals but each one has been delicious. Far better than if we would have purchased the same items from a grocery store."

- Ray S. (Family of 4) Jefferson City, MO

"Thank you Guaranteed Foods for making this single momma's life so much easier and budget friendly! Shout out to Jeremiah who delivered our food! Great guy, super helpful and friendly!"

- Susie D. (Family of 3) Papillion, NE

"Absolutely LOVE our foodservice center! We aren't eating out/Door Dashing and are saving TONS of money. Where has this been all my life?!! Food tastes great… Husband and picky kids approve"

- Mel F. (Family of 4) Basehor, KS

"While we appreciate the $100 incentive, a company that makes you feel so well taken care of with such quality food is worth sharing!"

- Brittany K. (Family of 4) Smithville, MO

"Food is good and convenient to have on hand at home. Delivery is on time, and everyone that has come to the house has been friendly."

- Cindy H. (Family of 4) Belton, MO

"Everyone has been AWESOME; any time we have any questions, we are helped right away!"

- Sabrina S. (Family of 3) Kansas City, MO

"I love all of the food I have received. I enjoy being able to have dinner finished in 30 minutes or less. This service has been wonderful for my family and has saved us a great deal of money."

- Cheryl M. (Family of 8) Belton, MO

"The food is wonderful for our entire family. Our children love the food as well. The service is top notch. Everyone we have met has been very knowledgeable and kind -- a perfect fit for our family."

- Amy L. (Family of 4) Springfield, MO

"The quality is excellent and has saved me an incredible amount of time in meal planning, meal prep and shopping. The simplicity it has made in my home has changed my life for the better in so many ways, and I know the blessing it could be to someone else as well."

- Jackie W. (Family of 6) Springfield, MO

"Kids can prepare a balanced meal for themselves. Great for working parents."

- Katherine G. (family of 3) Stewartsville, MO

"Amazing food! We eat at home all of the time now."

- Kelsey B. (Family of 3) St. Joseph, MO

"Excellent quality and so fresh! The best customer service I've ever encountered! Food is always there and ready to use. What's not to love about it? Great food, great prices, great company!"

- Kerri S. (Family of 4) Lee's Summit, MO

"We love the ease of the food and the quality and flavor. Customer service is great. Many people have checked on how things were going, and they bent over backwards to make sure we get what we want to eat. It's delicious and easy, and it fits right into our grocery budget."

- Taylor C. (Family of 3) Raymore, MO

"We enjoy the ease of cooking. It takes out the dreaded 'What are we having for dinner?' conversation. The service is prompt, friendly and they give lots of information. The food is healthy and I don't have to go to the store."

- Michelle C. (Family of 4) Liberty, MO

"Everything is good and fresh-tasting. Most things take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Great time- and money-saver."

- Jamie R. (Family of 4) Independence, MO

"Excellent service -- all of our questions were answered before we even asked!"

- St. Joseph, MO (Family of 4)

"Great food! We actually enjoy cooking now, and meals are easy!"

- Eudora, KS (Family of 8)

"Professional, educated staff so willing to share knowledge."

- Wathena, KS (Family of 2)

"High quality -- we love the individual servings."

- Eudora, KS (Family of 4)

"Your drivers are always so professionable and knowledgeable. We are self-employed and notice a hard work ethic."

- Shawnee Mission, KS (Family of 5)

"I can't say enough good things about the manner in which our food was delivered. It was arranged for convenient use, and product information was also shared."

- Kansas City, MO (Family of 2)

"When health and weather issues make staying in required, it is a comfort to know there is always food available in the house. It also takes away one of the problems of living alone."

- Kearney, MO (Family of 1)

"As a dual working family, I love the options and flexibility the service gives my family."

- Lenexa, KS (Family of 2)

"The customer service is the best I've seen in businesses."

- Blue Springs, MO (Family of 4)

"Wonderful quality! Better taste than grocery store food by far! Everyone we have dealt with has been more than helpful."

- Blue Springs, MO (Family of 4)

"I like the ease of getting good quality and variety. The company is very responsive and takes time to answer all your questions."

- Kansas City, MO (Family of 2)

"Great food, fabulous service and endless options! Perfect for the busy family with young children. Extremely user-friendly!"

- Topeka, KS (Family of 4)

"It has been a time- and money-saver without sacrificing quality!"

- Lee's Summit, MO (Family of 2)

"It saves time at the store and we don't waste food anymore!"

- Valley Center, KS (Family of 3)

"The flavor is excellent, and I like the individual servings. Drivers are very helpful with any questions."

- Olathe, KS (Family of 2)

"Great quality food that is easy to use! I love that it's individually packaged. It has changed our eating habits, and we eat at home a lot more."

- Lee's Summit, MO (Family of 3)

"Wonderful food, excellent customer service and quick-and-easy-to-fix food! It tastes great and it's easy to cook!"

- Topeka, KS (Family of 6)

"It's easy and convenient and nutritional for our family. The thing I like best is the variety of food!"

- Lee's Summit, MO (Family of 3)

"Tastes great! Easy to prepare! Quick!"

- McPherson, KS (Family of 2)

"I absolutely love the food service. I have a 3-year-old that will eat almost anything I put on the table now. The convenience is fantastic and the quality of food is off the charts. I am very pleased with every aspect of it; I have referred many friends and plan on continuing to do so. Thanks for everything!"

- Lee's Summit, MO (Family of 2)

"Top notch! Can't wait till our next order!"

- Kansas City, MO (Family of 2)

"I like the availability of food. Everyone has been exceptionally friendly and helpful."

- Thayer, KS (Family of 3)

"Professional service. Friendly delivery."

- Lee's Summit, MO (Family of 4)

"Everything we've tried tastes great -- we are really pleased with the quality. The service is excellent."

- Kansas City, MO (Family of 5)

"Good quality and very convenient for a busy family -- especially with two working adults."

- Lenexa, KS (Family of 3)

"The food is WONDERFUL!! Love it!!"

- Blue Springs, MO (Family of 4)

"Love it! It is so helpful and saving me so much time."

- Lee's Summit, MO (Family of 5)

"Food is packaged conveniently so it's easy to prepare."

- Olathe, KS (Family of 4)

"Good food and the service is excellent!"

- Gardner, KS (Family of 4)

"Taste is great. Excellent service. Saves time at the store."

- Greenwood, MO (Family of 4)