Family-to-Family... It's the Guaranteed Difference!

Since 1958 our employee family has helped thousands of families of all sizes and lifestyles to eat healthier and more conveniently.

Guaranteed Foods, Inc., is a professional, direct-to-home foodservice company, which was founded in Kansas City in 1958 with the objective of helping families "Eat Better for Less" by creating a better method for buying food.

Since those modest beginnings more than sixty years ago, the employee family of Guaranteed Foods has served the food needs of tens of thousands of families in hundreds of towns and cities across America.

In the early days, Guaranteed Foods specialized in the sale and home delivery of top-quality sides and quarters of beef (and a few other products), which it sold mostly to large families in the Greater Kansas City area.

Today, the company is composed of two divisions: A la Carte®, our direct, home foodservice division, and The Kansas City Steak Shoppe®, our gourmet gift division, which ships All-Natural USDA Choice and Prime steaks -- and Gourmet Meals -- to homes and businesses across America.

A la Carte® was formed in the 1990s, when the company saw a need for a new type of foodservice to better meet the demands of Americans' changing diets, lifestyles and technology. A la Carte® provides thousands of time-pressed consumers with a whole NEW option for their food dollars. It's a healthy, affordable and convenient alternative to the hassles and inconsistent quality of stores and restaurants.

A la Carte® offers a wide array of value-driven products and services -- including ALL-NATURAL meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruits -- and we personalize them for each customer's needs and lifestyle. From appetizers to desserts and from breakfasts to midnight snacks, our customers enjoy healthy, individual portions of delicious foods for any occasion.

A la Carte® also offers many unique, money-saving benefits at no charge. And we back every food product we sell with our unique Hassle-Free Guarantee -- the very best guarantee in the food industry.

The A la Carte® Home Foodservice direct delivery area covers parts of four states: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. In addition, we ship our products to customers located throughout the United States.

Families of all ages, sizes and lifestyles enjoy healthier food, stretch their food dollars and gain hours of valuable time by using A la Carte®. You probably can, too.

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