Mom and daughter in kitchen with sack of healthy vegetables

Healthier Food

NO ADDITIVES of any type are ever added to our freshly cut, ready-to-cook meats, seafood or poultry!

We believe that a diet of nutritious, ALL-NATURAL food is one of the very best ways to ensure good health and maintain a long, active life.

That's why we've been delivering ALL-NATURAL beef, pork, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables DIRECTLY to the homes of thousands of families across America for more than 60 years!! (Click on Reviews to see what our customers say.)

So if you're tired of buying packages of supposedly "fresh" meat that are marked with phrases such as, "Enhanced with a 'solution' of up to 20% (or some other percentage) to increase flavor and tenderness," you need to learn what we do!

Chances are you may never have stopped to look at the fine print on the back of those meat packages you buy at the store. But if you have, you probably were shocked to see the list of water, chemicals and other additives in that so-called "fresh" product, right?

Unfortunately, you're not alone. A significant portion of beef, pork, poultry and other products is marketed that way in retail stores and super centers today. In fact, the practice is so prevalent, it's almost become an "art form."

You see, that "Enhanced with" phrase is actually a "legal" way of letting you know that water -- plain old cheap, heavy water (usually laced with chemical flavorings, tenderizers and preservatives) -- has been pumped into that product.

That process does two things:

First, because water is heavy, it adds extra weight so you pay more for the product. Then it evaporates during cooking so the money you spent on that extra "water weight" is totally wasted.

Second, the chemicals carried into the product in the water can actually make a poorer-quality, "ungraded" piece of meat or poultry taste pretty good (IF you don't mind what you're taking into your body!).

Unfortunately, selling meats that have been pumped with water and chemicals is a common practice in many retail stores today.

That will NEVER happen with any fresh-cut meats, poultry or seafood from our company. To help ensure our customers' good health, all our fresh-cut, ready-to-cook protein products are "ALL-NATURAL" -- and the finest quality you can buy!

And, unlike most retail stores, ALL our fresh-cut, ready-to-cook beef, pork and poultry is cut, packaged and processed under the oversight of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

NO ADDITIVES of any type are ever added to our freshly cut, ready-to-cook meats, seafood or poultry! They contain NO tenderizer... NO artificial flavorings... NO fillers... NO coloring. NOTHING!

Our customers are assured they're feeding their families the healthiest meats and poultry available.

When you serve A la Carte's fresh-cut, ready-to-cook meat, fish or poultry, you know you're serving your family ALL-NATURAL products -- and the best available.