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More Free Time

We get it. You're busy. Let us help you spend less time grocery shopping and more time doing what you love.

Have you ever stopped to add up the many hours you spend each year just driving to stores and restaurants -- or pushing shopping carts and standing in checkout lines?

How about when you go out to eat? Are you tired of being the "waiter"? You know... you wait to get seated, wait to get served, wait for the check.

More than likely, if you had some of those "pushing", "standing" and "waiting" hours back, you'd save hundreds of hours a year -- enough for a very long vacation.

At A la Carte, we not only take the work out of the vast majority of grocery shopping, we give our customers back their precious time. It starts when one of our professional Food Counselors answers your questions, shows you the many options we provide and helps you select the foods you need.

Our products and services will be customized just for you -- and for your family's specific size, budget, lifestyle and diet. And we offer a Risk-Free, In-home Trial so you'll be able to experience, firsthand, all the benefits and values of a professional home foodservice.

Instead of riding home in the back of a car, truck or van, our healthy and delicious food is delivered directly to you in special, temperature-controlled vehicles, then neatly stocked away for you by one of our professional Delivery Specialists.

To protect your time, we do everything by appointment, too -- so you don't have to try to catch us coming through your neighborhood.

The result? If you're one of our customers, you have a complete selection of your family's favorite foods, on hand for any occasion:

  • Quick, healthy, family entrees
  • Party foods for informal get-togethers
  • Fancy foods for special occasions
  • Whatever you need!

In addition, you're assured of serving your family the healthiest and best-tasting food available, including the finest 100% All-Natural meats, poultry and seafood. Imagine enjoying all that without pushing a shopping cart, standing in a line or waiting to be served.