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What's In It For You

In addition to the healthiest ALL-NATURAL foods, we provide a WIDE array of time-saving, dollar-stretching services that you won't find elsewhere -- even if you pay retail prices...

1. Professional HOME DELIVERY

All our food is delivered in vehicles specially built to keep our healthy and delicious products at perfect temperatures! To fit our customers' busy schedules, all deliveries are made by appointment, and our Delivery Specialists carefully stock your food supply so you don't have to haul food from the store and put it away.


You NEVER take a chance with products you don't like. And you never waste food dollars. Our legendary Hassle-Free Guarantee is THE most comprehensive in the entire food industry -- wholesale or retail. It's one sentence and it has no disclaimers:

"If you're not thrilled with the quality of ANY food product you receive on your order, simply call us and, at OUR expense and time, we'll exchange it, replace it, refund its purchase price or credit your account -- whatever you want us to do."

With a guarantee like that, you KNOW our products have to be great -- or we wouldn't have been in business for more than 60 years!

3. Custom-Serve© SINGLE PORTION Packaging

One of the features our customers like best is A la Carte's unique Custom-Serve packaging. With it, you can use just one serving at a time (or enough for the whole family) WITHOUT time-consuming rewrapping and without wasting unused portions. And the special Bi-Vac® packaging of our fresh-cut meats, poultry and seafood locks in the flavor and seals in the nutrition of these important and protein-rich energy sources.

4. ITEMIZED Invoice and Inventory

Each time you receive your new food order, it's accompanied by a detailed invoice that shows the quantity, size, description, product number and price of each item you received -- plus the total of your order AND any discounts.

5. Personalized ORDER SUMMARY

A personalized summary of your entire order shows you EXACTLY what it costs to feed your family, right to the penny -- on a daily, weekly, monthly, "per serving" and "per person" basis. Whether you're concerned about your total food bill or that all-important cost-per-serving, we provide you with all that information. (Try to get that at a store -- or figure it out when you get home.)


These skilled professionals help our customers with everything from menu-planning to dietary assistance. Sometimes they're even called on to teach people to cook! Food Economists also can help set up and monitor special diets and weight-loss programs, using our individually portion-packaged All-Natural protein products. All these personal services are available at NO CHARGE to our regular customers -- either by phone or in person.


Each time you receive a food delivery, our Delivery Specialist will rotate your on-hand inventory to ensure you have complete "first-in, first-out" usage. It prevents food from getting misplaced and ensures that you get the maximum value for your food dollar.

8. FREE "Inventory Adjustment" Service

Because your eating habits and dietary requirements can change, if you find you have too much of some food items but need more of others, we will adjust your on-hand inventory on a dollar-for-dollar basis at no charge during your inventory cycle. And our exclusive Menu-Trac© Reorder System makes it really easy for all our clients to have what they want... when they want it.

9. Express "Fill-In" Service

If you need extra foods for a dinner party or other special occasion, our unique Express Fill-In Service can make it happen. There's NO charge for shipping, handling or delivery!

10. Exclusive "Quick Reference" Meal-Prep Guide

This guide provides quick, complete and accurate information for easily preparing any of our fresh-cut meat, seafood and poultry products with any type of cooking appliance. It also can be used as a weekly meal-planning guide.

A la Carte... a Whole NEW Option for your food dollar!

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