Specialty Beef Cuts

Specialty Beef Cuts

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In addition to our naturally aged, high-yield USDA Choice steak and roasts, we also offer quick-fix options. Our Phillez Beef Steaks are a great stir-fry starter, and for a hot Reuben sandwich or hash, nothing beats our flavorful Corned Beef Phillez.

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 Item Description

Corned Beef Phillez
Fully cured, classic corned-beef flavor in individual, easy-to-use portions. Great for making Reuben sandwiches and corned beef hash.

Phillez Beef Steak
Premium beef steak, sliced thin, then formed into quick-to-fix portions that shred when you brown them in the skillet. Use for barbecue, Philly cheesesteaks, fajitas, enchiladas, etc.