Specialty Seafood

Specialty Seafood

For those who prefer gourmet fish and seafood that's already seasoned and ready to bake, grill or fry, we offer a wide selection of delicious entrees like the ones found on menus of fine seafood restaurants.

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 Item Description

Potato Crunch Fish Sticks
Kids will love these tasty Alaskan pollock fish sticks coated with shredded potatoes. Prepare in the oven or toaster oven in minutes.

Salmon Croquettes
Alaskan salmon with a dash of finely chopped vegetables and the perfect blend of spices. Coated with a zesty buttermilk batter and topped with a special blend of breadcrumbs. Oven ready.

Mediterranean Crusted Salmon Fillets
Seasoned with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, these fillets are ready to pop in the oven or toaster oven.

Country-Style Cod Fillets
Natural-cut fillets in a country breading bake up crispy in minutes.

Fire-Grilled, Fully Cooked Salmon Fillets
Wild salmon caught in the icy waters off Alaska's rugged coastline. Boasting healthy Omega-3s, each 4-oz. fillet is ready to heat and serve.

Traditional Seafood and Crab Cakes
These traditional cakes have a flaky filling that's packed with premium white fish and snow crab caught in the icy waters of the Bering Sea.

Potato-Crusted Cod Fillets
Tender cod, crusted with a potato batter and topped with cheddar cheese and chives. Bake and serve.

Alaskan Salmon Burgers
These moist, flavorful patties are made with mild Alaskan salmon and can be grilled, fried or baked in minutes.

This delicious blend of snow crab meat, fresh cream, real butter, seasonings and surimi seafood coated in light Japanese panko breadcrumbs makes a great entree or a terrific sandwich.

Tavern-Battered Pollock Fillets
Authentic pub flavor in a light, crispy batter with a hand-dipped appearance.

Craft Beer Battered Cod
Hand-fillet 100% natural, chemical free, whole muscle cod coated with a crisp, thick batter featuring Samuel Adams® Boston Lager.

Beer-Battered Tilapia Fillets
Tender tilapia fillets are coated in beer batter and ready for the oven or toaster oven. If you like a fish-and-chips meal, pair these with our waffle fries.

Lemon Pepper Crusted Tilapia
This natural-cut fillet coated in lemon pepper crumbs is oven-ready for an easy meal.

Panko-Crusted Tilapia (Gluten-Free)
Made from sustainable tilapia raised in pristine deep-water lakes, each superior-quality fillet is hand trimmed and then lightly crusted with a gluten-free coating.

Garlic-and-Herb Tilapia Fillets
Garlic-seared with the perfect selection of herbs that enhance the sweetness of the fish.

Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia fillets with the perfect balance of moisture and flakiness. Carefully seasoned with Parmesan and Tuscan herbs for a true dinner delight.

Raw Shrimp (16/20 Count)
Large, ready-to-cook, peeled and deveined, farm-raised tail-on shrimp. 16/20 per pound. Perfect for grilling or stir fry.

Panko Breaded Cheese Stuffed Shrimp
Tender, butterfly shrimp are stuffed with real cheese blends and coated with flavorful breadings for an irresistible combination of taste and texture.

Beer-Battered Shrimp
Tail-off shrimp coated with Redhook Ale batter for a rich taste. Great for game day or anytime.

Tempura-Battered Shrimp
Large, tail-on shrimp are hand-selected and dipped in an authentic tempura batter for a crisp yet delicate taste. Ready for the oven.

Gourmet Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp
These shrimp are perfectly cooked, already peeled and deveined, so all you do is thaw them in cold water to serve with your favorite cocktail sauce. Also great sauteed.

Garlic-and-Lime Shrimp Skewers
Jumbo shrimp seasoned with a lime-and-garlic glaze and skewered for easy cooking. Terrific as an appetizer or a hearty meal.

Buttermilk-Breaded Popcorn Shrimp
A crispy, crunchy delight, these breaded, tail-off popcorn shrimp boast hearty buttermilk flavor. 40/70 count per pound. Great for cooking in an air fryer.

Hand-Breaded Butterflied Shrimp
Hand-breaded with a light Japanese tempura-style coating. Fry them in five minutes with just a little oil in a skillet or deep fryer.

Gluten-Free Battered Shrimp
Gluten-Free! Lightly battered with rice flour and yellow corn flour coating these shrimp deliver the flavor and crunch you expect.

Craft Beer Battered Shrimp
Plump tail-off shrimp coated with a crisp, savory batter made with premium Samuel Adams Boston Lager®.